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Love Is Essential

The Love of God is very Essential in our daily living. Many historians believe that fire was the most important discovery in all of prehistory. They are in fact, wrong. If it hadn't been for another discovery long before that, fire may have never

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Quarterly Praise Night

Quarterly Praise Nights is our way of praising our God. There is nothing we can give God than our praises. He has been merciful. jobs hiring near me He has done so much for us and what we can give back to him is our praises… It’s never too much.

Bible Trainings

We don’t only gather together to worship God, we also carry out Bible trainings, for those who want to work for God. We train them about God’s work.


We also do carry out baptism by immersion periodically after going through some biblical teachings. We do this before anyone can become a worker for God, its necessary for the Holy Spirit to come abide with you.


It’s a good thing to give
It's a good thing to Donate to the Church of God. This way you would help the ministry move forward.